The motivation to start LIFE came from my mother. A petite woman with nerves of steel, she single-handedly raised two children in spite of the travails of widowhood which struck at an early age. There are many more mothers like her going through what my mother went through. I want to reach out and help these children realize their goals in life starting with their education.


Education is the first step towards leading a fulfilled and successful life. LIFE is on a mission to provide financial assistance to those who deserve it and need it desperately. An educated individual contributes towards creating an educated society. LIFE aims to create an educated society. There are many kinds of inequalities in our society. The aim of LIFE is reduce the inequalities in our current educational system and provide opportunities to students who need support and backing.


I have come up in life thanks to the contributions of my classmates, teachers, friends, family, colleagues, society, state and the city I call home. LIFE is also an effort to give back a part of what I have received.


I thank my mother for all her support and care, my teachers for their guidance and mentoring, my friends for their companionship and my colleagues for their inputs and thoughts which contribute to the success of LIFE.



Venu Prasad Menon

Founder, LIFE