About Life

Started in 2008, LIFE is a nonprofit organization based in Chennai, India that works towards providing financial assistance to students who need it urgently. Founded by Venu Prasad Menon, it has been instrumental in helping quite a few disadvantaged students complete their education by supporting them with educational resources, funding and infrastructure.

LIFE has changed the lives of many students across a small part of India by providing timely financial aid and aims to do this on a pan India basis. Economically disadvantaged school and college students who have found themselves at crossroads when it comes to continuing their education now have an alternative. LIFE extends a hand to help them pursue their dreams and in the process build a truly educated society.





LIFE has a simple vision:

To provide resources, funding and infrastructure to needy students and communities to pursue education in the most cost effective way possible, thereby helping to make India a true knowledge hub




LIFE has a mission to educate and empower financially-disadvantaged individuals who stand at educational crossroads. Our mission is to:


  • Identify deserving students whose current financial situation deter or inhibit their educational progress
  • Raise funds to provide adequate finances that assure the identified student a stable period of education at one of our shortlisted institutions or any other suitable institution
  • Monitor the progress of the student systematically on a periodic basis
  • Counsel the student to choose a potential career path that best suits him or her



  • To provide financial assistance that enable students to continue their education
  • To advice and guide – if required – students in selecting a suitable career
  • To be a conduit between people keen to help and those who need help
  • To provide a platform for volunteers to extend their assistance to the disadvantaged
  • To aid in creating an truly educated society